Sunday, June 07, 2009

love to talk

been up a couple hours surfing... tna new site i found. wife is sleeping. we are swingers, yeah we are active.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

threesome sex in the storm.

I was told my wife and I are invited to dinner at her bosses house. I went along hoping for fun. We had a nice dinner, alot of white zin and margaritas'. I started giving Katie a back rub. She had a tough day and moaned with pleasure. I started to rub her titties while her boss watched us. Outside was a big t-storm. We were having so much fun we did not care much. After we got more excited, we talked Katie into going to the back bedroom. It was dark so we all got naked and started making out. I kissed my wife deeply then sent her to her boss for a kiss. Then she lay on her back. With my cock in her mouth, her boss suck and licked her pussy for a while. Katie came hard 2 or 3 times. I then took my turn licking her pussy while her boss was being sucked off. After about 20 min. I placed her in position to be fucked by her boss. She loved it and I totally enjoyed sitting back and taking it all in. The storm was going on so thunder and lightning made a nice show. The look on Katies face was 100% pleasure. (I think she is afraid to tell me how much she liked it.) Her perfect tits became rock hard. I started jerking off and came all over her while they fucked. This was the most excited I have ever been. I would sign up for another session anytime.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Still having fun times!

I lost this blog for a while. Glad to be back. Katie and I have done some more exploration. We have enjoyed a few threesomes. I totally enjoyed them, Katie also at the time, but later left her feeling bad. So we have cooled off for now. I still hope things will heat up again. But I have put all the pressure that I dare. Fun while it lasted. Hope you all are doing good. Give me some advice if you wish. Chuckie.

Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm Back!

Hi Everyone! Katie got her own blog and somehow knocked me off mine, for a short while. After searching and going thru lots of steps, i'm back.

Life has been hectic for both of us lately. I am the finance and ins. manager of a large R.V. Dealership in the midwest, 2nd in command to the owner - I'm very busy! Katie is the manager of a real estate company. She also has her hands in on another business. We both work many hours, but still seem to find time for each other.

Yesterday morning I was very horney. We were sitting on the couch watching the today show. I decided instead of going on my morning run, I'd stay and drink coffee with her and watch t.v. I knew she'd have to leave for the YMCA soon. I simply asked her if she'd come up to our bedroom and blow me, I was in need of a good orgasm. She said yes. She knows me so well. After 25 years together, we don't have to mince words.

Ah. It was wonderful. I'm standing with my legs slightly apart and looking down at her kneeling before me, taking my cock fully into her mouth. I enjoy the noises she makes as she's sucking on me. Then cuming all over her tits is the best release. She has swallowed my cum before but enjoys me cuming on her tits more. What a way to start off my day. Chuckie